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COUNT Synopsis

COUNT, by Ibrahim Moustafa (published by Humanoids, Inc.) is the story of Redxan Samud, a poor merchant courier who is framed for treason by jealous rivals and sent to an inescapable hovering prison colony. While there, he befriends an old man with a hidden fortune. Samud escapes and poses as a Man of Status, and with the help of his Automaton Retainer Unit Aru, vows to strike down his transgressors in an act of vengeance. But Samud soon discovers that he is not the only one under the boot of corruption, and he will have to make a choice between is personal vendetta, or the good of the people.

  • Written and illustrated by Ibrahim Moustafa
  • Color art by Brad Simpson
  • Letter art by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

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